I have almost no vision in my left eye, and as a child I developed this concern over what should happen if I lost my right eye. I began spending a lot of time blindfolded, trying to learn how to maneuver my home and, much to the consternation of my mother, my neighborhood. I am right handed, so I forced myself to learn to write legibly with my left hand. I learned rudimentary sign language and lip reading also just in case. It seemed a strange obsession to those around me, but I just believed that one never knows what tomorrow may bring, and preparation is key. I think, I hope, this makes me more understanding when communicating with someone who isn't just practicing. Our national library for the blind and handicapped have been gracious enough to invite me to be a reader to record books for those prevented from using printed books (not just the blind: I was surprised to learn the number of people allergic to ink as well as those who can't physically manipulate the pages) and that means a great deal to me. Yvonne, as always, thank you for sharing.